For most of my life, I was heavy. When I moved to Irvine, I (half-accidentally) began losing weight. I've seen a lot of dietary misinformation on the internet (oftentimes used to sell bogus products), so I created Big Three Dieting.

Big Three Dieting stresses the main components to healthily losing weight while maintaining muscle mass: Eating a calorie deficit, eating enough protein, and lifting weights. The first is necessary and sufficient for weight loss, the latter two minimize the loss of lean body mass (meaning the loss must come from fat stores). It's distressing to me how easy dieting can be, and how hard many of those selling books make it. Being reasonably strong at a healthy weight is a human good, and those who make it too complicated or stressful to lose weight make the world a worse place. The mission of Big Three Dieting is to provide sound, free advice to anyone who wants to live a happy, healthy life.

I also have some easy-to-use estimators for lean body mass, protein requirements, daily caloric requirements, and so on.

The Big Three approach, and the calculators and estimators provided, will always be free for anyone who wants to use it.

As of July 2014 Big Three has been removed.