ValuHack was an effort I led on a variety of newsgroups to port a simple input/output program to as many programming languages as possible. It took the form of a “hacking tool” that would inform the user of the “proper” definition of hacker and hacking. It was perhaps sanctimonious, but I was in high school. I ceased development on the ValuHack project around the time I went to college (2002).

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ValuBot was an IRC robot I wrote in Perl with the goal of learning to use sockets and and the Internet Relay Chat protocol. The original idea was an interactive IRC version of ValuHack, though it quickly grew to include custom triggers, administration commands, and so on. As the project grew (and as I learned better), bad design decisions and poor programming practice became more obvious. I ceased development on the project in my freshman year of college (late 2002).

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