As a child, I played a card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering.’ Recently I learned of the draft cube format, wherein multiple players ‘draft’ cards from randomly-created packs drawn from a fixed pool of cards (the ‘cube’). This means that I can play the game with my friends, but don’t have to constantly buy new cards to keep up with the contemporary metagame. To facilitate the creation and maintenance of my cube, I created an online cube editor using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Since my cube lives in a box that once housed a bottle of Booker’s bourbon, it is called ‘The Whiskeycube.’ Because the website is for creating draft cubes, seemed an appropriate URL.

I have removed the site, as it is redundant with a number of other fine sites. If you are interested in viewing the cardlist, it is available here

The Power Nine are proxied, not real cards.