Getting a technician-class ham license is very easy. I want to encourage a friend of mine to do so, so I am writing this very instruction set.

  1. Get an FCC registration number (FRN). This is a very detailed step-by-step on how to do that, but in case the link breaks, the procedure is:
    1. Go to app.fcc.gove/cores. Click “Register.” Register for the site. Confirm your email and all that.
    2. Log in to app.fcc.gove/cores. Click “Register New FRN.” Fill out the form; you want the “normal” stuff all throughout. For example, select “CORES FRN Registration,” not “Restricted Use FRN Registration.”
  2. Make sure you can pass the test. If you have a background or profession that works with electronics, you can likely already pass this.
    1. Read KB6NU’s No-nonsense study guide. It is free. It is good. It will probably take you a lunch break or two to finish.
    2. Do some practice tests at
  3. Schedule a test. Online tests are great; here is a list of online exams.
  4. Take the test. You will almost certainly pass. If you don’t, repeat (3) until you do.
  5. If you want, repeat (2)-(4) for further license grades (general and amateur extra).